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"U2 aren't really into the whole typical rock star 'drink, drugs and sex' image. .."

U2 biography
Forming U2 Larry Mullen, aged 14 years old posts a notice at Mount Temple Comprehensive School, Dublin, Ireland. He wanted to form a band because he was bored of playing on his own in his bedroom. At this time Paul Hewson (16) was working in a petrol station where he scribbled songs when he could. He saw the note and wanted to be in a band. This band contained Larry Mullen Jr., Adam Clayton, Paul Hewson, Dave Evans and Dik Evans, Dave's elder brother. They called themselves 'Feedback'... because it was something they could create! Dik soon got bored of their amateur antics and left. In the Autumn of 1976, Feedback won a talent contest at school after playing Peter Frampton's 'Show me the Way'. Paul changed his name to Bono Vox ('Good Voice') after the hearing aid company Bonavox, and Dave was now known as 'The Edge'... it has something to do with the edge shape of his skull (Bono gave him the name). They renamed themselves 'The Hype' as this was what they wanted to create, plus it was the name of David Bowies' backing band. Their first professional gig was in a Dublin Club called 'McGonnigals' in early 1978. They covered songs from the Sex Pistols and the Clash. On March 17th 1978, The Hype won &500 in a talent contest, including some recording time. Adam was the first manager. He placed an ad in some English music papers that read "Manager seeks the whereabouts of 'The Hype' after an amazing gig - please ring Brian - It was great lads!" There was no Brian, the number was Adam's! They attracted the attention of Paul McGuiness through a music journalist contact and after seeing them play live a few times, he was impressed and has been the manager ever since. The name of the band is credited to a guy called Steve Averill. Adam wanted a good marketable name, Steve suggested U2, it stuck! The first official U2 release was a 3 track LP, on 7" and 12" titled 'U2-3', and it came out in 1979. The tracks included Out of Control, Stories for Boys and Boy/Girl.

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U2 Biography - Adam Clayton

Name: Adam Clayton
Date of Birth: March 13th, 1960
Place of Birth: Chinnot/Oxfordshire in England
Parents: Jo and Brian Clayton
Siblings: Sister Sarah and brother Sebastian
Marital Status: single - few years ago he was engaged with super model Naomi Campell
Children: none

Adam Clayton was born in Chinner/Oxfordshire in England on March 13th, 1960. His sister Sarah Jane and his brother Sebastian were born in Dublin, because when Adam was five-year old. The family moved to Malahide in Ireland. He attended a private school there, which however he hated a lot. He wanted to make music and he wanted to have fun.

As he went to the Mount Temple High School he felt himself a little bit better, bacause there he could hang around with the other guys. Nevertheless he became referred from school.

After leaving school, he became the manager of the band which was set up freshly, but later he gave his job to Paul McGuinness.

Musically with his bass playing he is the heart of the band. He already had great success without the band, too. With Larry he recorded the film title of "Mission: Impossible".

U2 Biography - Bono

Name: Paul Hewson
Date of Birth: May 10th, 1960
Place of Birth: Dublin
Parents: Iris and Bobby Hewson. Their marriage was very unusual for that time in Ireland, because Bono’s mother was protestant and his father is catholic.
Siblings: 7 years elder brother Norman Hewson
Marital Status: Bono has been married to Alison Stewart since August 1982.
Children: Bono is father of two girls, Jordan (10.05.89) and Eve (07.07.91), and a son named Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q (18.08.99).

Bono  grew up in Dublin with his parents Iris and Bobby and his brother Norman in the local part Bullyman. His mother died on September 10th, 1974. Once Bono said about her death:"Home was no longer home, just a house...".Later he dedicated the song "Tomorrow" to her.

Since this time, Bono drove the time away for himself with some kids who called themselves "The Village" (under them Fionan Hanvey alias Gavin Friday). Their favourite occupation consisted in to rebel against every imaginable norm. Bono then also received his nickname "Bonovox" (roman for "good voice"). Gavin set up the band "The Virgin Prunes" with some Village-boys for which Bono sang sometimes. Then he discovered Larry’s notice on the black board of Mount Temple High School and applied himself.

If one may give belief to newspapers reports, he was planned first as lead guitarist, singer and songwriter by the band. Then he should play the rhythm guitar instead of the lead guitar, then only sing and to the good end he should only manage the band. Bono offered resistance and remained the frontman of the group.

U2 Biography - The Edge

Name: Dave Howell Evans
Date of Birth: August 8th, 1961
Place of Birth: East London
Parents: Gwenda and Garvin Evans
Siblings: Sister Gill and brother Dick
Marital Status: Edge is seperated from his wife Aislinn since 1991. His new life companion is Morleigh Steinberg...the belly dancer from the ZOO TV tour.
Children: Edge has got three children from Aislinn: Hollie (born 1985), Arran (born 1986) and Blue Angel (born 1989). In October 1997 Morleigh gave birth to a daughter...Sian. Their are expecting another kid at the end of the year.

When The Edge  was one-year old he and his parents Gwenda and Garvin and his siblings Dick and Gill moved to Dublin.

At High School he discovered Larry’s notice and received after reception into the band the nickname "The Edge". Bono coined it in reference to the shape of his head being "sharp" like his mind, and Bono also refers to him as "The Edge" because Edge often thinks on the outer edges of things.

Although he plays the lead guitar in the band, that constitute the unmistakeable U2 sound, Edge has still other qualities. Some of U2’s lyrics came from his feather and he proved in songs like "Van Dieman’s Land", "Seconds", "Numb" and not to forget in many Popmart-Karaoke-songs that he can sing.

U2 Biography - Larry Mullen

Name: Lawrence Mullen Jr.
Date of Birth: October 31st, 1961
Place of Birth: Dublin
Parents: Maureen and Lawrence Mullen sen.
Siblings: Sisters Cecilia and Mary. Mary died in 1973.
Marital Status: Larry is single, but is living together with Ann Acheson since high school time
Children: Larry is father of two children. Son Aaron Elvis (04.10.95) and daughter Ava (23.12.98).

Larry lived with his parents and his sisters Cecilia and Mary in Artane. He attended several schools until he finally came to Mount Temple High School.

He also attempted himselves musically at the piano, but then he remainded at the drums. His first drumkit was a present from Cecilia. Since that time he had only one wish: his own band. He hanged a memo on the black board of the school and the other three reported on that. During foundation of the group he was the only one who could already play correctly.

His passions are Harley Davidsons and Elvis Presley.

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