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To Venus and Back

Tori Amos
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For many pop-music cynics, excess can be neatly summed up in three things: live albums, double-CD's, and Tori Amos records. Damned if To Venus and Back doesn't hit the trifecta. But perhaps Amos is just trying to prove what we've always suspected: that her muse possesses a sly, ironic wit and has been frantically trying to give us a wink while Tori whipped up her heady cocktail of quiet Sturm, desperate Drang, and angst in the panties. There's teasing moments on this double-dose of Tori's love affair with her own melodic and mystical dramaturgy to support that notion, even in the disc of powerful new studio recordings that inaugurates this set..

Jerry McCulley

Album: To Venus and Back: Tori Amos

Disc: 1
1. Bliss
2. Juarez
3. Concertina
4. Glory Of The 80's
5. Lust
6. Suede
7. Josephine
8. Riot Poof
9. Datura
10. Spring Haze
Disc: 2
1. Precious Things
2. Cruel
3. Cornflake Girl
4. Bells For Her
5. Girl
6. Cooling
7. Mr. Zebra
8. Cloud on My Tongue
9. Sugar
10. Little Earthquakes

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