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Scarlet's Walk

Tori Amos
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MoonGoddess' opinion

"The first time I listened to 'Scarlet's Walk', I admit to being a little shattered with a not too good impression, but after giving it several run-throughs it began to grow on me, which made me feel very relieved. If I didn't like this album I was afraid that I would no longer be able to call myself a Tori Amos fan because of recent let-downs, but songs like the quirky "Wednesday" (which brings me back to her 'Boys For Pele' days), "Crazy", "Sweet Sangria", "Taxi Ride" and (my personal favorite) "Scarlet's Walk" make this all worth the purchase"

Album: Scarlet's Walk: Tori Amos

1. Amber Waves
2. a sorta fairytale
3. Wednesday
4. strange
5. Carbon
6. Crazy
7. wampum prayer
8. don't make me come to Vegas
9. Sweet Sangria
10. your cloud
11. pancake
12. I can't see New York
13. mrs. jesus ListenMusic
14. Taxi Ride ListenMusic
15. another girl's paradise
16. Scarlet's Walk ListenMusic
17. Virginia
18. gold dust

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