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Devoted fan base eager to read about this unique singer-songwriter's life story How did a shy and conflicted young daughter of a minister become one of the most important and unique female musical voices for more than a decade? Pretty Good Years is a love story between a woman and a piano - a romance between a musical prodigy and the rabid fan base that she never thought she'd have. It is the story of Tori Amos, a sophisticated singer-songwriter who drew inspiration from the darkest, most tragic incidents of her life and turned them into vibrant art. Tori Amos defied conventional logic when her solo debut Little Earthquakes and its single "Silent All These Years" rocketed out of obscurity to become one of the musical benchmarks of the '90s. Despite never having had a great deal of radio play or a "hit single," Amos blew open the doors for intelligent, artistic women songwriters, while making the solo piano acceptable again for popular music.

I thought that it was fantastic that so many of Tori's works were there (everything from Little Earthquakes to Venus Orbiting, including something like 95% of her B-sides, plus a few unreleased Ellen Amos songs and a few from Y KANT TORI READ--which is, incidentally, not a bad CD at all, and really should be more widely available. Oh, well. Go to to hear some of those songs). I do have a few gripes about the edition--this book is chock-full of typos and misprinted lyrics.

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Way Down
Professional Widow
Sweet Dreams
Snow Cherries From France
Marys Of The Sea

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(August 1, 2001)
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