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Patty Loveless song lyrics

When Fallen Angels Fly

Patty Loveless
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A music fan's Opinion

One of the advantages of being a singer instead of a songwriter is that you get to choose your material. When Fallen Angels Fly clearly shows that Patty Loveless has a knack for picking first rate country songs, and the ability to deliver them with fondness and enthusiasm.

Patty covers honky tonk dance numbers (A Handful Of Dust, Halfway Down) and straight-up Rolling Stones boogie (Old Weakness). Yes, there are also those infatuating love songs (When Fallen Angels Fly, Ships).

Patty's signature is the heartbreaker: 'You Don't Even Know Who I Am' is about a long relationship between virtual strangers, and love mixes with alcohol in 'Here I Am.' The 5-star heartbreaker is "Over My Shoulder.' Heartbreaking is an understatement: Patty pours out enough tears to fill buckets. Instead of importing my country from Canada (yes, I'm speaking of the lady with the bare middrift), I'd rather stick with the good ole U. S. of A. Patty Loveless is homegrown country.


Album: When Fallen Angels Fly

1. A Handful Of Dust
2. Halfway Down
3. When The Fallen Angels Fly
4. You Don't Even Know Who I Am
5. Feelin' Good About Feelin' Bad
6. Here I Am
7. I Try To Think About Elvis
8. Ships ListenMusic 9. Old Weakness (Coming On Strong)
10. Over My Shoulder

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