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On Your Way Home

Patty Loveless
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T. Yap's Opinion

Aside from her detour to bluegrass, every Patty Loveless CD release is an event in itself. Preceding each CD release, there would always be a sure fire lead single. In the past, classics such as "Try to Think of Elvis," "Chains" have paved the way, wetting our appetites for each of her album. This time Loveless doesn't disappoint. "Loving All Night," a top 20 hit, certainly is ranked as one of Loveless' best up-tempo songs. "Loving," written and once recorded by Rodney Crowell, is an unabashed ode to passionate love set to a rapid and arresting tune. Something only an exceptional tunesmith like Crowell could be capable of crafting.

However, "Loving" is not typical of the rest of the album. While "Loving" veers on the side of modern country-pop, the rest of the songs have a more down home possessing a rootsy feel to them. The best of which comes from the pens of the talented Tim Mensy and Shawn Camp, "The Grandpa That I Know." "Grandpa" is a moving lament on how the protagonist's grandpa had been misrepresented at his funeral: "They've got him layin' there in pinstripes, how'd they got him in that stuff... They say he looks so natural, but all I see is a cold dark hole. I won't commit this day to memory. This ain't that grandpa that I know..." "Grandpa" is just an exquisite, old fashioned moving ballad that you might want to keep your Kleenex nearby on every listen.

But such criticism is minor; overall "Find My Way Home" has my highest recommendation for being one of 2003's best country records from a female artist. Filled with integrity, raw emotions and memorial tunes; a worthwhile excuse for indulgence.


Album: On Your Way Home

1. Draggin' My Heart Around
2. Nothin' Like The Lonely
3. I Wanna Believe
4. On Your Way Home
5. I Don't Wanna Be That
6. Born-Again Fool
7. Lookin' For Heartache
8. Higher Than The Wall
9. Lovin' All Night
10. Last In A Long Lonesome Line
11. The Grandpa That I Know

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