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Patty Loveless song lyrics

Patty Loveless - Strong Heart

Patty Loveless
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Jake Z's Opinion

This is a really underrated album from Patty Loveless, and it has some of her best material. There was a time, back between 1994-1996 where Patty Loveless was on top of country music, and was winning all sorts of accolades. When she released her 1997 album LONG STRETCH OF LONESOME, it failed to yield a top 10 hit and it seemed country radio lost interest after that. Which is a shame, because they missed the boat on this album, and ones that would follow this one that were truly exceptional.

This album gets a lot of criticism because it is apparantely "too pop". Not at all. The title track, and a few other songs, have pop sounding arrangements, but the heart of it is still country. You look at artists like Shania Twain, and you will see this is definately country in comparison to Shania!


Album: Strong Heart - Patty Loveless

1. You're So Cool
2. The Last Thing On My Mind
3. My Heart Will Never Break This Way Again
4. You Don't Get No More
5. That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In
6. Thirsty
7. Strong Heart
8. The Key Of Love
9. She Never Stopped Loving Him
10. Pieces Of The Ground

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