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Patty Loveless song lyrics

Long Stretch of Lonesome

Patty Loveless
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P D Harris's Opinion

This album proved to be something of a watershed in Patty's career. Though similar in style to its hugely successful predecessor, Trouble with the truth, country radio seemed less interested in Patty's music when this album appeared - Shania had taken over the airwaves. Sure, the album yielded four country hits, but neither they nor the album matched the success of Trouble with the truth, although the music is just as good.

The four country hits were You don't seem to miss me (with backing vocals by George Jones), To have you back again (a fine ballad), High on love and Like water into wine. Among the other highlights are The party ain't over yet (an up-tempo song in which Patty expresses a determination to overcome difficulties), I don't wanna feel like that no more (a sad song in which Patty decides to end a relationship) and That's exactly what I mean (written by the brilliant singer-songwriter, Kim Richey).

This is unquestionably a very strong album, but I never expect anything less from Patty. If you enjoy contemporary country nineties-style, you will probably enjoy this, although if you are new to Patty's music, I recommend that you begin with Classics.


Album: Long Stretch of Lonesome

1. The Party Ain't Over Yet
2. To Have You Back Again
3. I Don't Want To Feel Like That
4. High On Love
5. Like Water Into Wine
6. That's Exactly What I Mean
7. You Don't Seem To Miss Me
8. Too Many Memories
9. Long Stretch Of Lonesome
10. Where I'm Bound

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