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    Elton John - One Night Only (The Greatest Hits Live at Madison Square Garden) (2001) DVDElton John - One Night Only DVD : There are 27 ... yes count em 27 tracks of Elton's greatest hits including the full side one of his biggest selling disc 'Yellow Brick Road' .... The tech specs on the disc state that there are 240 minutes of music, and although I didn't time it myself there's enough time to practically have a baby and Elton's still pounding out his music .... The Dolby 5.1 tracks at the video shots were excellent, crystal clear and clearly a benchmark for concert videaos..... Ironically, the name of the DVD is 'One Night Only' while in actuality it was shot over a two night perion in October 2000. With the energy and absolute electricty that Elton John puts into his performances it's amazing he did it in only two nights. His singing was clear crisp and strong showing none of the age that other rockers his age may suffer. The back up as well was fab and the songs were so well mixed that the back up didn't drown out Elton Johns honkey tonk piano man skills at the ivories .... Fleetwood Mack's concert DVD the 'Dance' now has a partner on the top shelf of my favorites! (Review)

    Elton John - One Night Only-DVD!

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