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    Britney Spears - Live from Las Vegas (2002) DVDBritney Spears - Live from Las Vegas (2002) DVD : I happened to be going to a conference in Vegas the week that Britney was performing at the MGM Grand. I heard Rosie O'Donnel Say on her show that she had just got tickets for the Britney show in Vegas on the 18th of November. Not paying much attention I quickly forgot all about it. The following day I got bored at work and while daydreaming I remembered what Rosie had said and thought, what the heck, "I'll check out the ticket prices", Figuring that they would be sold out for sure and I had no idea of when they went on sale. Much to my surprise they still had seats available, so I (just to see) typed in 2 seats and I could not believe that the seats were really good and not high priced considering what I have paid recently for concert tickets, like for Madonna. (well worth it though). Anyway, bought the tickets, went to the show and although compared to the majority of those around me, I felt like a grandpa(I am 30). Even so, as much as I tried to act my age, before I knew it, I was up on my feet and feeling the energy. I was not expecting much and have to say was embarrased to admit to anyone at home that I was even going. After her incredible show, I have admited to everyone that I am a fan of Britney Spears and you will be too, I guarantee it! I am sure the DVD will be less powerful than seeing it live, but just feel her amazing energy and see her for what she is, A young woman living out her dreams and allowing us to tag along! AMAZING! (Review)

    Britney Spears - Live from Las Vegas (2002)-DVD!

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