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Buy the book in Music Book StorePiano - by David Crombie

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A beautifully illustrated documentation of the piano's 300-year evolution, presenting 200 photos of more than 150 instruments, each of which is thoroughly identified and described. Even a non-musical reader can't help but be entranced by the elaborate workmanship.

Buy the bookElectric Kissing Parties

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Very few bands can get so much
accross on their debut,
but Ultimate Fakebook has
established themselves with
thiers, Electric Kissing Parties.
Non-stop hooks and catchy
chorus after catchy chorus.
One of the best rock
records of all time.
Check out Roll and Diamond Ring.

Buy the bookGuitar World Presents John Petrucci's Wild Stringdom

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Any one who loves playing guitar can only fall in Love with the way John Petrucci from the group Dream Theater shares his talent to others. Whether you are an advance guitar player or a beginner you can only learn from this book. John Petrucci can play the guitar faster than anyone I have ever seen but does not try to show off that speed in any of his lessons.

Buy the bookChildren's Songbook

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A delightful large Hardcover book of Children's favourites, with stories about each song. This beautifully illustrated book includes Nursery Rhymes, Disney Muppet songs and many more. Full rich, easy piano arrangements.It's a great way to learn how to read, sing, and play music.

Our Music Book Store includes more than hundred of different music books with pictures, customer and editorial reviews. First you can see the best music books. It's very interesting!

Piano music books

Our first Book List includes books with lessons for study playing paino. There are books with courses for kids, for teens, and for adults, for beginners, and for professionals. The best famous musicians will share their secrets with you. Kids and their parents will find fun interactive songbooks with full-color illustrations.

Children music books

Second list for children includes books with lessons of Children's Music. Music books help your children to learn how to read, sing, and play music. Kids ( 3-6 years old ) absolutely love these books! There're books for older ones which help your children to play, sing and dance.

Electronic music books

It's now third book list. It has many news! We can offer you the ultimate Broadway, the ultimate pop rock, the Wedding & Love fake books with songs for electronic keyboard and all 'C' instruments. Book by Richard Charles Boulanger introduces the new Csound technology, it will revolutionize electronic music. There're some more interesting news about the bass guitar and it's evolution.

Guitar music books

We can offer you on fourth book list with a great selections in learning how to play guitar. There are books on electric, bass and acoustic guitar. You'll learn how to play scale patterns and tabs easily and quickly!
Some books in history and evolution of guitar, biographies and stories of professionals will be interesting for all guitar enthusiasts.
You can see recent models and guitars of current masters.

Composer music books

Our fifth Book List very different as all music. There are books about classical composers and about their ways. Fandex Family Field Guides about composers help you to answer any questions we had about the composer even to the classical station in the car. As a feild guide it has been both fun and educational. There are books about writing music with help of electronic engins.

Fake books

Sixth book list includes books with the ultimate jazz, the ultimate pop rock and the wedding & love fake books. Our champion among fake books have 1200 songs for keyboard, vocal, guitar, and all 'C' instruments. You'll meet the Beatles, Rolling Stones and so many others. Players and fans alike will enjoy the commentary and stunning, full-color photography.

Singer music book

This book about prominent singer Elvis Presley. Book is unique: it is a comprehensive guide to the books on Elvis. More than 400 books have been published in USA about Elvis Presley.

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