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buy fake music books This Is the Ultimate Fake Book With over 1200 Songs for Piano...
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I'll tell you why I like it... I have loads of Jazz fake books. It is a nice collection of more poppish tunes that I find useful to have along on a gig because sometimes people do request those '50s, '60s or '70s pop tunes or even older " less hip " standards and tunes. Its one thing to play for Reviewer:" musicians " but what about when you play in restaurants, at weddings, or for real people? (Customer Review)
buy online the bookClassic Rock Fake Book (Fake Books)
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This book has a fantastic selection of tunes. Its almost like THE REAL BOOKS 1 & 2 COMBINED plus THE NEW REAL BOOK only with those annoying commercial fake book chord changes. That is my major criticism... Basically what they do is give you chord changes that I guess are meant to help out players who aren't at the level where they can really reharmonize things on the spot, and need something quasi hip to play. (Customer Review)
buy online the book "The Ultimate Pop Rock Fake Book : Over 500 Songs for Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Electronic Keyboards & All 'C' Instruments 1955 to Present" - by Joel Whitburn
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I was more than pleased with this book. It has so many songs that I recognize, I can just flip through it and play new songs any time. It's a great tool for practicing because you can always practice a new song. I choose this book because I wanted songs I knew well since I'm a beginner at the piano. (Customer Review)
buy online the book"This Will Be Laughing Week" - Ultimate Fakebook
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Pop is now synonymous with Top 40, but this is great power-pop songwriting at it's best. Call it emo (which I wouldn't) but whatever label you slap on it, there's no denying the songs. An amazing sound for a three-piece, the power of the live performance comes through on this record. She Don't Even Know My Name, Tell Me What You Want, Of Course We Will & Brokˇn NŽedle kick off the album, and it never lets up. There is no album filler here. Especially poignant for me is " Real Drums ". Check it out, you will not regret it. (Customer Review)
buy online the book The Wedding & Love Fake Book : Over 400 Songs for Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Electronic Keyboard and All 'C' Instruments
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This is the book for musicians that do a lot of wedding gigs. The title speaks for itself, but take it from me... You'll never go astray at a wedding gig again. It's great for any gig requiring love songs, but ideal for weddings and receptions. (Customer Review)
buy online the book The Ultimate Broadway Fake Book for Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Electronic Keyboard and All 'C' Instruments
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Definitely not for the theory challenged as it includes only melody lines and chords -- not full arrangements. Great for auditions if you're working with a seasoned accompanist with solid chord theory and ability to play from charts. Otherwise your audition could trip up on a mediocre pianist scrambling to improvise. (Customer Review)
buy online the book Your First Fake Book (Fake Books)
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102 songs, all in C, with easy chords and large print Your First Fake Book is a collection of 102 well loved popular, jazz and rock songs, in a format made eminently playable for the beginning music student. Each song has the melody notes (piano right hand) plus chord symbols showing how to improvise or "fake" an accompaniment. Fake books have been available commercially for about a decade. Although there are now many fake books on the market, some containing as many as 1200 songs, most are still geared to experienced players. (Customer Review)
buy online the bookThe Jewish Fake Book - by Velvel Pasternak
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I learned of this book from a musician friend of mine. I just received it and was so happy to see all the great songs that are in this book. It will definitely help me because I am a singer and I needed something like this. I'm glad you have this book listed on Amazon. (Customer Review)
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