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buy electronic music booksElectric Kissing Parties
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Very few bands can get so much accross on their debut, but Ultimate Fakebook has established themselves with thiers, Electric Kissing Parties. Non-stop hooks and catchy chorus after catchy chorus. One of the best rock records of all time. Check out Roll and Diamond Ring. (Customer Review)
buy online the bookThis Is the Ultimate Fake Book With over 1200 Songs
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Overall, its some great ammunition to have on the gig... the print might be small, the changes " less hip " and the book, very bulky, but I really feel comfortable having this book around. The musicians are going to want to play Coltrane and Miles Davis, but the reality is, the people are going to request the type of tunes in the book, and those sit in vocalists are going to call them ! Be prepared ! (Customer Review)
buy electronic music books Computer Composer's Toolbox
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Computer Music in 'C' is the C language version of " The Composer's Toolbox " which is in BASIC. Automated Music Composition is also in BASIC. It is as if one can see an evolutionary development of his ideas through the span of time over which he has written his books. (Customer Review)
buy online the bookThe Csound Book
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This is the most important book written in the last decade in the field of electronic music. Together with the new Csound technology, it will revolutionize electronic music. Max Mathews, Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford University. (Customer Review)
buy online the book The Wedding & Love Fake Book: Over 400 Songs for Electronic Keyboard and All 'C' Instruments - by Paul Bottomer
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This is the book for musicians that do a lot of wedding gigs. The title speaks for itself, but take it from me... You'll never go astray at a wedding gig again. It's great for any gig requiring love songs, but ideal for weddings and receptions. (Customer Review)
buy online the book The Bass Book/Complete Illustrated History of Bass Guitars/
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The Bass Book was very informative as to the process at which the bass guitar came to fruition and it's evolution. I couldn't put it down. Any one who plays the bass or is thinking of playing will enjoy reading this book. It also gave me a sense of pride that I belong to a sort of brotherhood of bass guitarists. Although it's history is not that old, it certainly made a great impact on modern music. (Customer review)
buy online the book The Ultimate Pop Rock Fake Book : Over 500 Songs for Electronic Keyboards & All 'C' Instruments
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I was more than pleased with this book. It has so many songs that I recognize, I can just flip through it and play new songs any time. It's a great tool for practicing because you can always practice a new song. I choose this book because I wanted songs I knew well since I'm a beginner at the electronic keyboards. (Customer Review)
buy online the bookThe Ultimate Broadway Fake Book for Electronic Keyboards and All 'C' Instruments
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Definitely not for the theory challenged as it includes only melody lines and chords -- not full arrangements. Great for auditions if you're working with a seasoned accompanist with solid chord theory and ability to play from charts. Otherwise your audition could trip up on a mediocre pianist scrambling to improvise. (Customer Review)
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