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Mary J. Blige biography

Mary J. Blige biography Born in the Bronx on January 11, 1971, Blige spent the first few years of her life in Savannah, GA, before moving with her mother and older sister to the Schlobam housing projects in Yonkers, NY. At the age of four, Mary's a jazz musician father, Thomas, left the family, leaving her mother Cora to raise Mary and her older sister Latonya alone.
A couple years later, Mary's family relocated to Yonkers, where they resided in one of the cities most dangerous housing projects. Music eventually became Mary's refuge, singing lead in her church's choir, and at seven she won a talent contest singing Aretha Franklin's "Respect."

Who is The Queen of Hip Hop?

"Her performances prove that she is truly one of the best R&B artists of modernday. Of course, the Queen of Hip Hop Soul got her start with What's the 411? in 1992 along with a blowout single "Real Love" that proved she wasn't just an ordinary R&B singer. With famed success, of course we knew that she'd release a remix CD for her hit album (common back in the day) a year later to create a teaser for her November 1994 album "My Life", which was evident from Diddy repeatin 'In 94, we got somethin new 4 yo azz'. All the remixes are the bomb, especially with teaser beats on the beginning of "Real Love" & "Love No Limit". Mary also has appearances from Heavy D, Biggie Smalls, Sean Combs, Grand Puba, Craig Mack, & her alter-ego Blige J. Blige. They replaced Intro Talk & Slow Down with You Don't Have to Worry & Slow Down, which is kinda weird seeing as Mary/Andre is kinda useless & you could just have 13 tracks instead of 12. Nonetheless, my favorite is Changes I've Been Going Through which has a better beat than the original & the pain in Mary's voice is so tender. Hardcore fans this is for you."
Sioux Storm

The Mary J. Blige say:

   "If we don't have the fans, we don't exist."

"Why we know her at present?

Sometimes I wonder why I say "LIVE FROM LOS ANGELES" is Mary J. Blige's best DVD. It's not what I'd recommend to Mary beginners who may need the testimonials of Hollywood glitterati to get how great Mary is. For those who need the endorsements of P Ditty, Sting and Elton John to get Mary, I suggest the House of Blues DVD. There you will see Jessica Simpson, Ellen DeGeneres and Kelly Osbourne bowing at the alter of Mary.
But without a doubt LIVE FROM LOS ANGELES is a better DVD. A tribute to her fans without whom she states she is `nobody' in the opening sequence featuring Beyonce's father, it is better precisely because it is free from the phony baloney of celebrity. Here the gigantic Los Angeles stadium is filled with Mary fans. And this DVD perfectly captures Mary's emotional connection with them."

First steps of Bio to climb the ladder.

Reviewer: "GOD and only GOD could have blessed this phenominal woman, who gave us this astounding LP. She has never ever and I mean never disappointed where her material is concerned. The Lead Single was absolute perfection to let us know that she is once again the QUEEN OF HIP HOP SOUL. Mary looks great vibrant and fresh. Its all evident in the 'Breakthrough.'"

says Tony Childs

It is no secret that,

Blige had a tumultuous six-year affair with Jodeci frontman K-Ci Hailey, which ended in 1997.
In 2000, she began a relationship with record industry executive Martin Kendu. As a result, Blige is now the stepmother of Kendu's three children from a previous marriage.
In 2006 it was revealed that Blige had a relationship with rapper Nas around 1997-98. This was revealed by the mother of Nas's child, Carmen Bryan. Her video "Be Without You" was retired from BET's 106 & Park.
She shed the pounds and now sports a svelte, curvy figure.

"When her debut album, What's the 411?, hit the street in 1992, critics and fans alike were floored by its powerful combination of modern RB with an edgy rap sound that glanced off of the pain and grit of Mary J. Blige's Yonkers, NY, childhood."
Sours: Encyclopedia of Popular Music

Why we love her?

Nobody knows heartache like Mary J. knows heartache. Mary J. Blige debuted in 1992 with her album "What's the 411" and her hit song "Real Love". Immediately, she garnered tremendous respect from the critics and the fans. She was immediately named "The Queen of Hip Hop".

Nitty-gritty details

Throughout her career, she has always stayed on top of her game, recording wonderful R&B and hip-hop songs. Fourteen years later, she remains The Queen, and more amazingly, she has garnered more success this decade than in the 90's. She has since been compared to legendary artists Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, and Dionne Warwick.


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