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Real Name:
Mariah Carey
March 27, 1970
in Huntington,
New York,

Favourite Album:

"Mariah Carey"
Favourite Songs:
"Love takes time", "Without You",
"One Sweet Day"
(& Boyz II Men), "Someday", "Vision of love", "Fantasy", "The Beautiful Ones",
"You need me", "Heartbreaker", "Butterfly", "Open arms", "Never too far", "The Roof".

Top Singles
Always Be My Baby

Through the Rain


Boy (I Need You)

Boy 2 (I Need You)


I Still Believe

Thank God I Found You




Against All Odds

My All

Never Too Far/Don't Stop

Never Forget You


Can't Take That Away


Anytime You Need a Friend

The Prince of Egypt: When You Believe Without You

Mariah Carey biography

Mariah Carey biography
"Brought up in New York by a mother who was an opera singer and vocal coach, Mariah Carey has a record unparalleled in US Singles. She's had 14 number ones, a number one every year of the 90s, her duet "One Sweet Day" with Boyz II Men is the longest running chart topper in history, and she's won numerous Grammys and trophies. Her move from soul ballad singer to R&B diva has, if anything, made her even more popular, especially with singles backed by sexy videos."

The first Carey album after Tommy's discovery was in 1990 where her self titled CD sold over 6 million copies and got her a bunch of Grammy Award. Then she came out with Emotions in 1991 and MTV Unplugged in 1992 before her marriage to the man twice her age. After her unfortunate marriage, Carey released Music Box in 1993 and Merry Christmas in 1994, keeping busy while single with yearly releases again with Daydream in 1995. Daydream brought several more Grammy nominations and got her career sales figure to 80 million (damn, after that kind of success we're suspecting she'll be the one cradle robbing in the future!). Carey finally took a year off and released "Butterfly" in 1997, which was a musical turn from her past work.

In the beginning of her career Mariah Carey was dismissed as another Whitney Houston-copy. And it's easy to see why: both have phenomenal voices, both have a knack for bombastic ballads and walk the fine line between r&b and pop. Both also share the destiny that they've been criticised for being "soulless overdramatic divas" that sell records with mainstream stuff without any real complexity and histrionic vocal delivery (often dismissed as "shouting"). It's sometimes hard to be subjective if you really love or hate an artist but I can not agree to any of these. Sure overdramatising or kitsch is a party of Mariah Carey and yes her voice can be screechy sometimes but her technique is nothing else as perfect. Her voice is remarkable beautiful when she sings ballads in full voice (not that whispery style she sometimes uses). And her phrasing and tone is truly unique making her one of the most recognisable vocalists of the last decade. Her music fuses adult contemporary elements in her ballads with 50s/60s overtones whereas her uptempo material tended to be urban dance-pop in the early 90s before she went hip hop/contemporary r&b in the late 90s. But what is most important and places her one step in front of her big competitors Whitney Houston and Celine Dion is that Mariah writes her own material. Her lyrics were on her albums since day one and this talent should not be overlooked.

Her private life was also a prime target of the yellow press over the last years. Whether it was her childhood (her father left the family early), her marriage with Columbia boss Tommy Mottola (they were married between 1995-1998) or the much publicised (alleged) nervous breakdown of 2001 Mariah was always in the middle of the media interest. Over the last two years those subjects were more interesting for the public as her music or her aim to become an actress. Suddenly the pop queen of the 90s seemed to become one of the new "anti-figures" of the new decade. "Glitter" her starring cinema debut, was a hugh commercial disaster and when the soundtrack sank with the "luxury liner" Mariah was asked to cancel her new recording contract at Virgin Records. A famous financial settlement was done and when Virgins mother company EMI had to remove several of their staffers, some foul-mouthed people said it was because of the big "Glitter" failure.

Source: LiveDaily
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