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"Led Zeppelin was the definitive heavy metal band."

Led Zeppelin biography
Led Zeppelin biography
Led Zeppelin biography
Led Zeppelin biography
This page is dedicated to Led Zeppelin, the greatest band that ever lived. It consisted of four members: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham. They released their first album in 1969 and their last in 1982 following the tragic death of Bonham.

Led Zeppelin formed out of the ashes of the Yardbirds. Jimmy Page had joined the band in its final days, playing a pivotal role on their final album, 1967's Little Games, which also featured string arrangements from John Paul Jones. During 1967, the Yardbirds were fairly inactive. While the Yardbirds decided their future, Page returned to session work in 1967. In the spring of 1968, he played on Jones' arrangement of Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man." During the sessions, Jones requested to be part of any future project Page would develop. Page would have to assemble a band sooner than he had planned. In the summer of 1968, the Yardbirds' Keith Relf and James McCarty left the band, leaving Page and bassist Chris Dreja with the rights to the name, as well as the obligation of fulfilling an upcoming fall tour. Page set out to find a replacement vocalist and drummer. Initially, he wanted to enlist Procol Harum's singer Terry Reid and the band's drummer B.J. Wilson, but neither musician was able to join the group. Reid suggested that Page contact Robert Plant, who was singing with a band called Hobbstweedle.

After hearing him sing, Page asked Plant to join the band in August of 1968, the same month the Yardbirds' bassist Chris Dreja dropped out of the new project. Following Dreja's departure, John Paul Jones joined the group as its bassist. Plant recommended that Page hire John Bonham, the drummer for Plant's old band, the Band of Joy. Bonham had to be persuaded to join the group, as he was being courted by other artists who offered the drummer considerably more money. By September, Bonham agreed to join the band.

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Led Zeppelin Biography
- John Paul Jones

Name: John Paul Jones
Date of Birth: 3 January 1946
Place of Birth: Sidcup, Kent, England

The most underrated musician on the planet, John Paul Jones' credentials are staggering. His enormous contribution to music history traces back to his sessions days, working as a bass/keyboard player, arranger and musical director. The list of artists he was involved with features a wide range of British talents such as: Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Donovan, Jeff Beck, Herman's Hermits and many more. Occasionally, he would see his future band-mate, Jimmy Page, as they teamed up on several sessions including Jeff Beck ("Truth") and The Yardbirds ("Little Games"). He was the first to be recruited by Page who was looking to form a new band, as Jones was growing tired of the session scene.

The magical chemistry of Led Zeppelin was created between ALL four members; (Jones' contributions seem to go unacknowledged lately.) Although he was given the cold shoulder for the current Page/Plant "reunion", Jones appears happier (and better off) playing with the likes of Diamanda Galas and other such diverse artists. One of the elements that made Led Zeppelin so great was their constant musical development and progress that was evident with each album. Perhaps Jones is the only remaining member that has continued to progress and experiment with new styles and directions, without concern for commercial or critical success.

His first tour since the demise of Led Zeppelin (in 1980) occurred with Diamanda Galas in late 1994. Fans lucky enough to have seen this fantastic tour witnessed a rare opportunity to experience Jones' performance in a small venue. He has also worked with Heart on the "The Road Home" album (1995) and performed with them in August 1994 in the "Back Stage" club in Seattle.

In September 1999, the first-ever solo album by Jones was released with rave reviews. Zooma, an instrumental exercise once again expanded the limits of today's music which he first described as "Roaring and Powerful", in its early stages. A wide range of sounds, styles and textures comprise this brilliant project, which he carried through on a solo tour soon after. His critically acclaimed live performances gave the world a chance to experience his extraordinary talent and a left the audience with a greater understanding of his enormous contributions to music: past, present and future.


Led Zeppelin Biography
- Jimmy Page

Name: James Patrick Page
Date of Birth: 9 January 1944
Place of Birth: Heston, Middlesex, England

One of rock's most gifted and distinctive guitarists, Page began his professional career during the pre-beat era of the early 60s. He was a member of several groups, including Neil Christian's Crusaders and Carter Lewis And The Southerners, the latter of which was led by the popular songwriting team Carter And Lewis (John Carter and Ken Lewis). Page played rousing solos on several releases by Carter/Lewis projects, notably the McKinleys' "Sweet And Tender Romance", and the guitarist quickly became a respected session musician. He appeared on releases by Lulu, Them, Chris Farlowe, Tom Jones and Dave Berry, as well as scores of less renowned acts such as, Wayne Gibson, the Primitives, First Gear, Gregory Phillips, the Lancastrians, Les Fleur De Lys, the Factotums, Twice As Much, the Masterminds, the Fifth Avenue, but his best-known work was undertaken for producer Shel Talmy. Page appeared on sessions for the Kinks and the Who, joining an elite band of young studio musicians who included Nicky Hopkins, John Paul Jones and Bobby Graham. The guitarist completed a solo single, "She Just Satisfies", in 1965, and although it suggested a frustration with his journeyman role, he later took up an A&R position with Immediate Records, where he produced singles for Nico and John Mayall.
Having refused initial entreaties, Page finally agreed to join the Yardbirds in 1966 and he remained with this groundbreaking attraction until its demise two years later. The guitarist then formed Led Zeppelin, with whom he forged his reputation. His propulsive riffs established the framework for a myriad of tracks - "Whole Lotta Love", "Rock 'N' Roll", "Black Dog", "When The Levee Breaks" and "Achilles Last Stand" - now established as rock classics, while his solos have set benchmarks for a new generation of guitarists. His acoustic technique, featured on "Black Mountain Side" and "Tangerine", is also notable, while his work with Roy Harper, in particular on Stormcock (1971), was also among the finest of his career. Page's recordings since Led Zeppelin's dissolution have largely been ill-focused. He contributed the soundtrack to Michael Winner's film Death Wish II, while the Firm, a collaboration with Paul Rodgers, formerly of Free and Bad Company, was equally disappointing. However, a 1988 release, Outrider, did much to re-establish his reputation, with contributions from Robert Plant, Chris Farlowe and Jason Bonham, the son of Zeppelin's late drummer, John. The guitarist then put considerable effort into remastering that group's revered back-catalogue. Coverdale/Page was a successful but fleeting partnership with the former Whitesnake singer in 1993, but it was his reunion with Robert Plant for the Unledded project, and an album of new material in 1998, that really captured the public's imagination. Page also achieved an unlikely UK hit single in August 1998, collaborating with Puff Daddy on "Come With Me", from the Godzilla soundtrack. In 2000, Page teamed up with the Black Crowes for a series of highly-praised US concerts. The two final shows at the L.A. Amphitheater were captured for posterity on Live At The Greek.


Led Zeppelin Biography
- John Bonham

Name: John Henry Bonham
Date of Birth: 31 May 1948
Place of Birth: Redditch, Worcestershire, UK
Date of Death: 25 September 1980

Describing the style of John Bonham's drumming instantly conjurs up visions of the thunderous power he created. His contributions to rock music were revolutionary, and his talent unmatched and irreplaceable. You can only imagine Jimmy Page's reaction to first seeing him in 1968, ending his search for a new drummer to form a new band, the New Yardbirds (later renamed Led Zeppelin.)
It seems John Bonham was destined to be a drummer almost from birth. In his very early youth, he used to beat on his mum's pots and pans. Then he adapted bath salt containers and coffee tins with wire attachments before being given a proper snare drum when he was 10. By the time he was given his first full drum kit, when he was 15 1/2, he had already decided where his future lay.
A childhood friend of Robert Plant, they played together in the 'Band of Joy', resulting in local gigs and a few studio demos. At first, Bonham was reluctant to join the well-known guitarist because of a steady gig with Tim Rose. But... the rest of history...
For a short while Bonham played with The Crawling King Snakes who had a singer by the name of Robert Plant, and after spells with The Nicky James Movement and Steve Brett & The Mavericks, the two met up again in The Band Of Joy.
As John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have all stated many times, Led Zeppelin wouldn't have been half as good without him. Along with JPJ, they provided the solid foundation and backbone of the band, which made it all possible. Live performances truly showcased his abilities during the numerous improvised jams throughout every concert and of course his famous "Moby Dick" drum solo; reaching a half-hour in length at times! Immitators are usually left frustrated, since Bonham made it look so easy - not only in his playing but also in the incredible drum sound he achieved. His legendary right foot (on his bass pedal) and lightning-fast triplets were his instant trademark. He later refined his style from the hard skin-bashing approach to a more delicate wrist controlled one - which produced an even more powerful & louder sound with less effort.
His tragic passing on September 25th, 1980 immortalized his legacy forever. His only son, Jason proudly continues the tradition. Daughter Zoe also has a strong interest in music and is experimenting with her own original material. John's sister Deborah is a highly acclaimed & talented singer.


Led Zeppelin Biography
- Robert Plant

Name: Robert Anthony Plant
Date of Birth: 20 August 1948
Place of Birth: West Bromwich, West Midlands, England

Plant's early career was spent in several Midlands-based R&B bands, including the New Memphis Bluesbreakers and Crawling King Snakes, the latter of which featured drummer and future colleague John Bonham. In 1965 Plant joined John Crutchley, Geoff Thompson and Roger Beamer in Listen, a Motown Records-influenced act, later signed to CBS Records. A cover version of "You Better Run", originally recorded by the Young Rascals made little headway, and Plant was then groomed for a solo career with two 1967 singles, "Laughing, Crying, Laughing" and "Long Time Coming". Having returned to Birmingham, the singer formed Band Of Joy in which his growing interest in US west coast music flourished. This promising outfit broke up in 1968 and following a brief association with blues veteran Alexis Korner, Plant then joined another local act, Hobstweedle. It was during this tenure that guitarist Jimmy Page invited the singer to join Led Zeppelin.
Plant's reputation as a dynamic vocalist and frontman was forged as a member of this highly influential unit, but he began plans for a renewed solo career following the death of John Bonham in 1980. Pictures At Eleven unveiled a new partnership with Robbie Blunt (guitar), Paul Martinez (bass) and Jezz Woodroffe (keyboards) and while invoking the singer's past, also showed him open to new musical directions. The Principle Of Moments contained the restrained transatlantic Top 20 hit, "Big Log", and inspired an ambitious world tour. Plant then acknowledged vintage R&B in the Honeydrippers, an ad hoc group that featured Page, Jeff Beck and Nile Rodgers, whose 1984 mini-album spawned a US Top 5 hit in "Sea Of Love'. Having expressed a desire to record less conventional music, Plant fashioned Shaken 'N" Stirred, which divided critics who either praised its ambition or declared it too obtuse. The singer then disbanded his group, but resumed recording in 1987 on becoming acquainted with a younger pool of musicians, including Phil Johnstone, Chris Blackwell and Phil Scragg. Now And Zen was hailed as a dramatic return to form and a regenerated Plant felt confident enough to include Led Zeppelin material in live shows. Indeed, one of the album's stand-out tracks, "Tall Cool One", featured a cameo from Jimmy Page and incorporated samples of "Black Dog", "Whole Lotta Love" and "The Ocean", drawn from their former band's extensive catalogue.

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