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Led Zeppelin stairway to heaven lyrics

Led Zeppelin stairway to heaven lyrics
Critics hated them, Top 40 radio ignored them, but Led Zeppelin achieved unparalleled success in the seventies, both in terms of albums sales and record-setting concert tours. Since their demise in 1980 with the death of drummer John Bonham, the band's legend has only grown, thanks to a carefully planned series of album re-issues and hundreds of hard-rock and heavy-metal bands who are still working from the quartet's blueprints..

"Guitarist Jimmy Page explained: "We were never really part of the pop scene. It was never what Led Zeppelin was supposed to be about. Our thing was playing live. In that sense, Zeppelin was very much an underground band. The fact that it became as successful as it did was something that was almost out of our control. We actually shunned commercialism, which is why so little official footage of the band has ever been seen before."

Featured on the DVD are performances from London's Royal Albert Hall in January 1970, just a year after the release of their debut album, their five-night run at London's Earl's Court in May 1975 and their record-breaking shows at England's Knebworth Festival in August 1979, just a year before drummer John Bonham's death led to the band's dissolution.


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Stairway to Heaven
Black Dog
All My Love
Rock & Roll
Whole Lotta Love

Biography of one of the world's leading voices of faith and social activism also happens to be one of its biggest rock groups. Welcome to the dichotomy of Led Zeppelin stairway to heaven lyrics, arguably the greatest rock group on the planet.

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Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven lyrics:

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