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The Princess Diaries (2001) DVDThe Princess Diaries (2001) DVD

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The Princess Diaries (2001) DVD : "The Princess Diaries" is one of those rare films which is entertaining for both adults and kids and is G RATED. This is a "teen" comedy without all the sexual humor so prevalent in teen comedies today (i.e. "American Pie"). The movie itself is refreshing in that it took an old-fashioned fairy tale theme and put a modern spin on it. This movie proves that the classic Cinderella story never grows old, and no matter how modern and emancipated modern girls make themselves out to be, deep down inside they all want to be princesses. (Review)

Cowboy Bebop - The Perfect Sessions (Limited Edition Complete Series Boxed Set) DVDCowboy Bebop DVD

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Cowboy Bebop, considered one of the greatest anime of all time, and one of my favourites. This box is simply lovely! It has a lid that opens from the top, and is serial numbered on the bottom. Cowboy Bebop OST 1 is included to make space for the upcoming KOHD release. Bandai once again sets the mark with another great product! Best boxset of 2001, no competition! The front picture is the most memorable for me and is proudly sitting downstairs on display! (Customer Review)

Atlantis - The Lost Empire (Collector's Edition) (2001) DVDAtlantis - The Lost Empire DVD

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Atlantis - The Lost Empire (Collector's Edition) (2001) DVD : For the most part, Atlantis is a fun, popcorn-munching movie that's a real treat, and takes some refreshing steps away from Disney's usual formula of dancing teacups and ambitious orphans. However, it is not without problems. First off, the good: This movie is beautiful. There seems to be an attitude with some moviegoing audiences that movies with a lot of visual effects are "just a bunch of CGI" or concentrated too deeply on special effects. True, Atlantis has plenty of computer-generated images, but they blend seamlessly with the animation and make for a visually stunning movie. I know the words "visually stunning" get bandied about a lot, but this movie had some serious eye-candy -- enough to make me want to see it again. (Review)

Disney Pixar DVD Three-Pack (Toy Story/A Bug's Life/Toy Story 2) DVDDisney Pixar DVD

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Disney Pixar DVD Three-Pack (Toy Story/A Bug's Life/Toy Story 2) : 3 great films and all for a bargain price.The only let down is that Disney are a bit shy with extra features so it is identical to the Video's I bought in the UK. Saying that, It is such good value that I can over look the lack of features.Still as Disney goes it doesn't get much better ... to infinity and beyond !!!!! (Customer Review)

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