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K-Ci & JoJo biography

kc and jojo crazy lyric   The difference between the smooth R&B for lovers made by most vocal groups and what we get from brothers Joel "JoJo" Hailey and Cedric "K-Ci" Hailey is soul. The pair sings with the thunderous, lung-busting testimonial fervor you'd expect from guys raised in the Pentecostal church of North Carolina.
    Cedric and Joel Hailey comprise the romantic R&B duo K-Ci & JoJo. It is also the third time that the two brothers have belted out ballads that illustrate the pain, happiness, and sorrow that love can create. They are who were one of two pairs of brothers that made up the chart-topping '90s group Jodeci. The Haileys grew up singing in church choirs in Charlotte, NC, and toured the South with their father's gospel group. When they met the DeGrate brothers, Dalvin and "DeVante Swing," they decided to switch to secular music and formed Jodeci. After signing with Uptown, the quartet released three platinum albums over 1991-1995, with DeVante Swing writing and producing the vast majority of the material. The first rumblings of independence came when K-Ci recorded a solo single, a cover of Bobby Womack's "If You Think You're Lonely Now," for the soundtrack of the 1994 film Jason's Lyric. In 1996, a year after Jodeci's third album, The Show, the After Party, the Hotel, K-Ci & JoJo officially teamed up to record "How Could You" for the soundtrack of the Damon Wayans/Adam Sandler comedy Bulletproof; they also supplied backing vocals on 2Pac's smash "How Do U Want It." The brothers made their side project into a full-fledged collaboration with the release of their debut album, Love Always, in 1997. The lead single, "You Bring Me Up," was a Top Ten R&B hit, and the follow-up, "Last Night's Letter," was also successful. After a mood setting intro, the boys set the tone of the album with one of the album's highlight "Honest Lover". Other tracks such as the album's first single,"Crazy" have the making of a megahit that is reminiscent of their first blockbuster song "All My Life". The album in general explores themes of regretting infedelity in "Wanna Do You Right" and regretting past mistakes in "All the Things I Should Have Known." While Pain and Sorrow is a theme common in many of the tracks, the album does have a good share of party tracks that are perfectly crafted to get the crowd moving in the clubs. "Thug N Me, Thug N You" is a perfect example as the Jodeci members declare their sexual intentions with Mr. Tupac Shakur himself aiding them in their depiction of their bump and grind mind state. The deepest moment of the album, however, has to be the song "Suicide". It thoroughly illustrates the anguish of lost love that can push one to a point of carelessness and insanity. Overall, X is an album that both lovers and partiers should keep in heavy rotation.
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February 8, 2005
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