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JoJo :
JoJo (Pop)
December 20, 1990
Born as:
Joanna Levesque
Birth Place:
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JoJo Never Say Goodbye

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You're probably thinking, 'oh another pop star." Wrong! JoJo is sensational! At only 13 she has a fabulous voice and an amazing talent! Her songs are great and her voice just makes them better!

This cd is definitely worth buying because it will be a favorite for years to come. My favorite song is "Never Say Goodbye". I don't know what else to say, you just need to listen to it for yourself.

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Song: Never Say Goodbye
Artist: JoJo

Never Say Goodbye

Never been in love
Cause a girl like me
Never had someone to care for
Never thought there could be
Someone special for me
And now I'm all in love
Cause a girl like me
Waited patiently for someone
Someone to care for me
And there will never be

No more lonely, no more just me
I've been there before
Ain't goin no more
And now that you're here I
Never wanna say goodbye love
Never wanna be without you
No more cryin, no denyin'
I'm in love with you
And now that you're here I
never wanna say goodbye love

Now it's time for me
To find out what the first time love could mean
Little scared but its cool
Cause it's worth it
Now I finally fell in love
And I know that it
Gots to be for real (So real)
It's the way that I feel
So come share my world with me
So there will never be

So I'm standin here
Arms open wide
Ready to give my heart
I'm sure this time
Love's gonna last for life
Baby I know things change
And there might be some rain
But the clouds are gonna clear
And the sun is gonna shine again
Shine light on our love baby
So let's make it last forever

Da da da da da

JoJo - JoJo

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