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JoJo :
JoJo (Pop)
December 20, 1990
Born as:
Joanna Levesque
Birth Place:

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Album: "Into The Rush"

  • Breezy
  • Baby It's You
  • Not That Kinda Girl
  • The Happy Song
  • City Lights
  • Use My Shoulder
  • Leave Get Out
  • Weak
  • Keep On Keepin' On
  • Sunshine
  • Yes or No
  • Fairy Tales

  • Album - Review

    Teen sensation Jojo is enjoying success beyond belief. Her debut album Jo Jo was released on June 22nd. The album spawned the debut hit single &qupt;Leave-Get Out.&qupt; Jojo's single has been burning up the charts and even hit #1 on the Billboard sales chart. The video for &qupt;Leave-Get Out,&qupt; even hit #1 on MTV's top rated video show TRL.

    Jojo's debut CD is SLAMMIN'. This young singer has a voice well beyond her age. The CD opens up with the song &qupt;Breezy,&qupt; which is a bouncy song with a slammin's track. &qupt;Breezy,&qupt; is followed up by the melodic &qupt;Baby It's You.&qupt; Every single on Jojo's debut album has the potential to be a radio single. This album should at least spawn 4 or 5 music videos. Jo Jo's debut CD has legs.
    Another awesome song on the album that will have the girls vibin' this summer is &qupt;Homeboy.&qupt; This is a sweet song about the boy next door and how he has got it going on. &qupt;Use My Shoulder&qupt; is a bumpin song that many will relate with.

    Jojo has been promoting her single &qupt;Leave-Get Out&qupt; and her debut CD like crazy. She has appeared on TRL, Soul Train and has made a slew of television and radio appearances.Jojo's voice is so soulful and strong. The production on the CD is awesome. I could go on and on about every song, but to be brief--go and get this CD!


    Leave Get Out

    Leave Get Out / Not That Kinda Girl [CD-SINGLE]
    Buy this
    Audio CD
    (February 24, 2004)

    Feels Like Home

    Feels Like Home [ENHANCED] Jojo Audio CD (February 10, 2004)
    Buy this Audio CD (February 10, 2004)

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