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Stage Name:
Jessica Simpson
Real Names:
Jessica Ann Simpson
July 10, 1980
Birth Place:
Dallas, Texas
Nick Lachey
- husband

Jessica Simpson filmography

DVD Release Date:

October 21, 2003

Booth Blasters - Rip Up The Mic
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DVD Release Date:

December 16, 2003

Jessica Simpson - Sweetest Sin (2003)

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VHS (DVD)Release Date:

January 22, 2002

Jessica Simpson - Dream Chaser (2002)
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Jessica Simpson - Spotlight Reviews:

This DVD has all of Jessica's videos, including "A Little Bit," which barely got any play on MTV. Video List:

1.I Wanna Love You Forever (director-Bille Woodruff)
2.Where You Are: duet with her fiance Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees (director-Kevin Bray)
3.I Think I'm in Love With You (director-Nigel Dick)
4.Irresistible (director-Simon Brand)
5.A Little Bit (director-Hype Williams)
6.Irresistible Remix: f/Lil Bow Wow and JD (director-Simon Brand and Cameron Casey)

This DVD also includes interviews with Jessica (how she started out, touring, how she felt more confident with the second album, etc), behind the scenes of her duets, and clips of her from her first tour (opening for 98 Degrees), her own tour, with her dancers, behind the scenes of a photo shoot, meeting fans,and the making of the videos (Irresistible and A Little Bit).

It also has the MTV Spring Break performance of Irresistible (from Celebrity Dream Date), a dicsography, and a biography (which does not really chronical her life, it just has a lot of quotes from her).


Jessica Simpson filmography

2000 Jessica Simpson and Jason Raize In Concert (television)
1991 Watt On Earth (movie)
1987 Vanity Fair (mini)
1986 Little Princess, A (television)
Jessica Simpson : 2005 Wall Calendar

Jessica Simpson : 2005 Wall Calendar Wall edition (August 1, 2004)
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(March 2, 2004)
by Jessica Simpson, Katina Z. Jones

Jessica Simpson I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding (August 2003)
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Wall Poster by Roman Schmelter, 24.5x36.5

Jessica Simpson Wall Poster by Roman Schmelter, 24.5x36.5 Buy this Poster (November 11, 2003)
In This Skin

In This Skin [Collector's Edition] (March 2, 2004)
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(March 2, 2004)

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