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Stage Name:
Jessica Simpson
Real Names:
Jessica Ann Simpson
July 10, 1980

Jessica Simpson biography

Jessica Simpson biography When Jessica Simpson first came onto the scene, I really disliked her sappy ballads, and holier-than-thou stance on her virginity and all that anyhoo, I later heard the Soul Solution remix of "I Wanna Love You Forever" on the radio, and thought it was actually good.

Simpson's career began in the gospel choir at her local Baptist church. At age 13, while at a gospel camp, she preformed a cappella arrangement of "Amazing Grace". This lead to the work on her first album of gospel music. Three years later, when that label folded, Simpson began touring on the Christian Youth concert circuit and performing at youth conferences. With the help of her grandmother and father she was able to cut her own album which sold every copy ever made. Major record labels began to take notice of Simpson and she was now performing with Kirk Franklin and Ce Ce Winans.
Jessica Simpson who can only be discribed as one of the best worldwide new commers in the pop/r'n'b/soul/gospel industry she is postivly following in the foot steps of chart toppers such as Louise, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and of coure Celine Dion & Madonna. Unlike her infamous cousin Britney Spears Jessica Dueted with a Ballad which we all know is hard to do. But She prooved all the crititcs wrong when her deut single "I wanna love you forever" stormed the UK charts at No.7.

Signing with Columbia Records for the release of Sweet Kisses , Simpson is proving to be a bright light in today's star studded circuit. After touring with 98 degrees, her popularity soared even higher, even finding a boyfriend in the group's Nick Lachey. Her first release off the album "I Wanna Love You Forever" is a passionate ballad, written and produced by Sam Watters (Color Me Badd) and Louis Biancanella (Mariah Carey).

" I think that Jessica Simpson has a GREAT voice when I heard "I wanna Love You Forever" it took my breath away she has one of the most beautiful voices I've heard in a long time another Great song on there is "Your Faith In Me" yet, another song that shows how truely great her voice really is "I think I'm In Love With You" is another great track along with her duet with Nick. "Final Heartbreak" is great and so is "I've got My Eyes on you" as for the rest they are not so good. Some of them seem to go on and on and on with no real melody to them. She does have some really awesome songs though so the cd is worth getting. Some of the songs on this cd are just here to take up space but like I said she has some really beautiful songs on here and a great voice as well. I just hope she can choose the right songs to flourish her wonderful sound."

That Jessica Simpson has been groomed to become the next (as well as younger, whiter, and more virginal) Mariah Carey should come as no great shock. Production by slavish imitation is the way it goes these days, and wanting to duplicate Carey's success is understandable. Yet the downside of idol worship (Simpson grew up with the octave-conquering diva as a touchstone) is the loss of unique identity, and sadly that's exactly what has occurred. From the wordless sighs to the mock Spanish guitars added for international appeal, to the overwrought power ballads and faux hip-hop flavored up-tempo cuts, Simpson, who can sing, is a prisoner of by-the-numbers production and songs by the usual pop/R&B-lite suspects. The end result is sonically stellar, but is too close to a generic endeavor that does little to establish Simpson as an artist.

Jessica Simpson never recieved the success of Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera with the releases from her debut album. Thats all set to change with this set of tracks, which contains several uptempos and ballads which could all easily be hit singles: Uptempos: Hot Like Fire: This is a very innovative RnB track from the writer whos given us recent hits such as 'Independant Women' and J'Los 'Play'. This track was originally schedualled to be the first release from the album, and it certainly lives up to its name. Probably my favorite track on the album. Could be compared to Destinys Child 'Bootylicious'. Irresistible: the first release from the album, you should all know this - just a great, really catchy, radio-friendly pop/RnB song. A Little Bit: The confirmed second single from the album, this sounds quite like some of the songs from her first album, such as 'I Think I'm in Love With You'. It does have an RnB edge to it though, and an incredibly catchy hook. Ballads: For Your Love: This track also brings back memories from her old album, especially her very first single 'I Wanna Love You Forever'. Thats not suprising though, since this is from the same set of writers and producers. This track could be a huge hit, especially with the momentum she's built up with the 'Irresistible' single. There You Were: Another really uplifting ballad, which is all but confirmed as the 3rd single release from the album. When You Told Me You Loved Me: This track takes a new direction for Jessica - more soulful, more traumatic, more mature. Definately another highlight. Whilst those are the tracks which would do best in the charts, there are still more highlights! 'Whats It Gonna Be' is incredibly catchy and fun, but probably won't be a single release as it is a bit too bubble-gum and Britney sounding (Jessica wants to avoid any comparisons, and instead establish herself as an artist). Meanwhile, 'Forever In Your Eyes' is a really unique and catchy track, which may be too risky as a single release, but is still an amazing song. This album is really worth getting. This album has already charted at No.6 in America, which puts her above Mandy Moore and Samantha Mumba in their charts. The single, 'Irresistible', looks likely to go top 5 in the US, and could even do just as well in the UK. Best of all, this album actually contains good music. If you like pop music that you've already heard from Jessica in previous singles, you'll find LOTS to satisfy you here. And the best thing is that all the tracks sound different, they aren't carbon copies - there's something for everyone. Buy it - you won't regret!

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