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Hilary Duff
Metamorphosis: Hilary Duff More Info | Buy Audio CD 2005

(Seattle, WA USA) Justincase's opinion

Now I am a pop fan so this will be a true review. Well, unlike the past pop-princesses, Hilary is not sexual at all and keeps things on a G-rated basis which is actually kind of good. The songs are catchy ad the ballads are soft, her voice is pretty alright.. much different from Britney and Christina. The catchy songs are really great to dance to and move your head to... its great! Songs like "So Yesterday, Come Clean, Party Up, Sweet 16 and Why Not" just get you straight into a good mood while "Love Just Is, Anywhere But Here, Love Just Is, Inner Voice" are nice to lay back and enjoy the ballads. Overall.... IF YOU LIKE POP!!!!! this is a great addition to your CD collection...and if you dont.... why the heck are you spending your time here?

The album features all her big hits "So Yesterday", "Fly", "Come Clean (in a rather remixed dance form)" and a slightly updated version of the Lizzie Maguire song "Why Not".

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Album: Metamorphosis: Hilary Duff

1. So Yesterday
2. Come Clean
3. Workin' It Out
4. Little Voice
5. Where Did I Go Right?
6. Anywhere but Here
7. The Math
8. Love Just Is
9. Sweet Sixteen
10. Party Up
11. Metamorphosis
12. Inner Strength
13. Why Not

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