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A Stolen Life (Kindle Edition)

A Stolen Life (Kindle Edition)

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Product Description
People who saw the ABC interview with Diane Sawyer saw how warm this young lady is. Book' Diane Sawyer is like the interview. "A Stolen Life" is Jaycee Dugard's story of how she confronted eighteen years of evil by doing what she had to do to survive mentally and emotionally. Jaycee Dugard spent in captivity with a very sick man, Phillip Garrido. For long periods of time he was the only other person being that she saw. Her dependence upon her captor grows the more he isolates her from the world. She worrying that she will never see her mother again. She found ways to save herself, love, and hope.
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Customer Reviews

In America, sexual abuse is something that gets pushed under the rug, or punished. It's like there's no in between. Jaycee didn't know what the word rape meant while the act was being done to her, and I remember when I was 11 (I was also born in 1980 like Jaycee), I didn't know what the word rape meant either. I don't think I learned what the word meant until I was 13 or 14. Perhaps if more people learn about sexual abuse, and what it actually entails, then more can be done to protect innocent victims. And more importantly, when people realize what goes on behind closed doors of rapists, perhaps there won't be parole after just a few years for somebody who had already raped a woman for eight hours straight in a warehouse. Jaycee does an excellent job showing how her captor is a repeat offender, one that therapy cannot solve. Jaycee goes on to describe the failure of the therapists that her captor visited, and how they enabled him more than anything by allowing him to make excuses rather than be accountable for his behavior.

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A Stolen Life (Kindle Edition)

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