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   1 GB Secure Digital Card
Sales Rank: #2 in Electronics
SanDisk SDSDH-1024-901 1 GB Ultra II Secure Digital Memory Card

SanDisk SDSDH-1024-901"
1 GB Ultra II Secure
Digital Memory Card

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Product Description
SanDisk SecureDigital (SD) Cards let you capture your world of photos, videos, music and data, quickly and easily. And, with the SD card’s built-in user-friendly write protection feature, you can be confident that your files won’t be overwritten by accident.

SanDisk Ultra II SD cards are the card of choice for serious amateurs and professional photographers. So fast, you'll never miss a shot again. Photographers will especially notice the benefits of the faster read speed of the SanDisk Ultra II SD card because it allows you to view images more quickly on your camera's LCD screens after taking a picture. And you'll also be able to upload images to your computer much faster.


  • Have a minimum sustained write speed of 9 MB per second and a read speed of 10 MB per second
  • Take advantage of the advanced features of high mega-pixel digital cameras
  • Delivers superior speed. Now you can capture those high-resolution images even faster
  • Do it all with low power consumption, which means longer battery life
  • SanDisk Ultra II SD cards are ideal for your most demanding photo shoots, including photojournalism and event, sports, nature and fashion photography

The SD Card can be used in a variety of digital products, including digital music players, cellular phones, handheld PCs (HPCs), digital cameras, digital video camcorders, smart phones, car navigation systems and electronic books.

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Customers who bought.. Reviews

I have over a dozen SanDisk CF/SD cards of varying sizes. They are the most reliable SD cards I have used.

Recently I bought 2 1GB SanDisk cards from "1OnlyNewStuff" in the Amazon marketplace. When I got them I tried them out immediately and they read/wrote OK.

However, when putting one back in the camera something just did not look quite right about it. Comparing my two new "SanDisk" cards to any of my old ones showed that the new cards had no serial numbers, had slightly different physical profiles, and sort of blotchy printing.

Checking on the internet I found that SanDisk counterfeits have long been known on E-Bay. Now they have been brought to Amazon. There is a page at [...] which shows some of the characteristics of the fake cards.

I checked with SanDisk, provided them with photos of the two new disks and SanDisk confirms them as fakes.

The SanDisk pictured on this Amazon Page is real (note the notch on the bottom of the media - lacking on most fakes). Likely media ordered directly from Amazon is going to be OK.

However if you are tempted, as was I, by the lower price from some Amazon merchants when you get the cards inspect them to see if they are real or counterfeit.

SanDisk very promptly will help you with this. For example, if the media has a serial number SanDisk can confirm if it is valid. If it has NO SERIAL NUMBER, then don't bother SanDisk - because ALL actual SanDisks have serial numbers (and a lifetime guarantee)

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SanDisk SDSDH-1024-901 1 GB Ultra II Secure Digital Memory Card

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