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   iPod Shuffle holds 240 songs,
on 1 GB of storage
Apple 1 GB Shuffle Metal

Apple 1 GB
Shuffle Metal

Apple 1 GB Shuffle Metal See details | Buy now

Product Description
Apple iPod Shuffle - Using either witchcraft, fairy dust or highly gifted engineers (we're not sure which), Apple has created a 2nd generation iPod Shuffle of an almost impossibly small size. Only slightly bigger than a U.S. quarter, this teesy-weesy device packs 1GB of storage space. Enough for up to 250 of your favorite songs! Apple also attached a clip to the back of the Shuffle, so you can wear it anywhere for skip-free music playback. Perfect for working out or just walking down the street. Unit Dimensions - 1.62 x 1.07 x 0.41 (inc. clip) Unit Weight - 0.55 oz.
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Customer Reviews

Much has been written here and elsewhere about the wonders of the iPod, so I'll not repeat all that. My friend has a 60 GB iPod Video, and a 15GB Click wheel before it. The biggest, most irksome issue he had was that both these devices forced Apple's DRM on him. Apple calls it "FairPlay", but the DRM in songs purchased from iTMS means that you don't really own them, you just have a license to use them in certain ways that Apple can change at any time, that is pretty slimy! Avoid buying music and movies from iTMS.

But that's not the only problem. The music that you have legally purchased and encoded and put on your iPod also gets infected by Apple's DRM. You can't move music off of your iPod to another device or computer! My friend had a new mac book with a 60GB hard drive, and he had to go out and buy an external drive to hold his music on because if he had it just on the iPod, he would not be able to move it off again, which means he could not put his playlists on his computer or burn mix CDs, or move music to another computer if he upgrades. The iPod also doesn't let you move On The Go playlists off of the iPod. These restrictions are annoying, to say the least. Overall, I think you should look for another mp3 player that doesn't try and tie you up with DRM. Because you will have these problems with the Shuffle.

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Apple 1 GB Shuffle Metal

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