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Chris Brown

Chris Brown lyrics.
  • is Pop-oriented RB vocalist.
  • You know him as: debuted with
    the Scott Storch-produced "Run It!".
  • Chris Brown was born
    on May 5, 1989.
  • Birth place: Tappanhannock, Virginia.
  • By the time he was 13,
    his mother began to take him to music producers
    so that he could begin a career in music.
  • Sixteen year old Chris Brown has released his debut self titled CD.

Chris Brown proves that real talent. He has schoolboy charm and you fill that you know him in a minute. Chris certainly channels the creativity of those who have come before him, he definitely has a style, a flavor and a place in music. Chris isnít part of some A-list producerís camp.   Biography

Spotlight Reviews

Chris Brown has taken the country by storm with the debut release of his self-titled album: "Chris Brown." Itís an album about young boys, young girls. His debut CD Young Love takes us on a journey through the parties and teen hangouts and have Chris Brown new pictures. A girl love. The CD also includes the "Run It" remix featuring Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow. This song falls short of capturing the magic of the Juelz Santana remix.

"Ain't No Way" is another really hot song on the album. "Poppin," and "Just Fine" are equally impressive.

"I didn't understand that I could sing until I was like 11 or 12."

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Lyrics of most popular Chris Brown songs:

  • Intro
  • Run It! Featuring Juelz Santana
  • Yo (Excuse Me Miss)
  • Young Love
  • Gimme That
  • Ya Man Ainít Me
  • Winner
  • Ainít No Way (You Wonít Love Me)
  • Whatís My Name. Featuring Noah
  • Is This Love?
  • Poppiní
  • Just Fine
  • Say Goodbye
  • Run It! Remix Featuring Bow Wow & Jermaine Dupri
  • Thank You

    Biography one of the most respected and innovative..

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  • Chris Brown lyrics:

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    Chris Brown lyrics.
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    Chris Brown

    Chris Brown:
    Chris Brown (2006)

    Chris Brown (2006)
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    (February 2, 2006)
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