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Bow Wow

Bow Wow biography
Birth Date: March 9, 1987
Born as: Shad Gregory Moss
Occupation: Singer (the youngest rapper)
Musical Styles: Pop-Rap, Dirty South
1.75 m
Birth Place:
Columbus, Ohio, USA
Attends high school

Bow Wow has been around for a couple of years now, and during that time he tried to be acceptable to fans of all ages. It may have been hard to do so with his first two albums, but now that he's older, he looks and sounds more mature (doesn't he kind of look like 50 Cent on the back cover?), and people can be more open to give him a chance. But I don't know if he deserves one after hearing Unleashed.   See Biography

Bow Wow about himself
"I'm becoming a man," he says, "but staying humble. I'm staying myself and most importantly, I'm trying to make good movies and music for my fans. Every one in hip-hop talks about staying real and what that means to me is staying down to earth, not getting cocky."

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    Biography one of the most respected and innovative..

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    Wanted Lyrics
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