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Bobby Valentino Discography

"Because of the success of my debut album, and the love for my fans, I wanted to take my time with this new album Special Occasion. So in the meantime, I put out a couple of songs that I knew weren't going on the album on my myspace & mixtapes to give to my fans," Bobby stated. "This was just a little something for them to ride to until the album, is released. "Special Occasion" consists of brand new songs produced by Tim & Bob, Timbaland, Dre & Vidal, Brian Cox and Rodney Jerkins. Fabolous is also on the album. So to all my fans make sure you check it out May 8."

Bobby Valentino
Special Occasion

Bobby Valentino Special Occasion (2007)

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Bobby Valentino
by Bobby Valentino

Bobby Valentino by Bobby Valentino (2005)

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Slow Down - Bobby Valentino discography
Bobby Valentino Music Discography

Bobby Valentino

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