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   Nick Carter: BEFORE The Backstreet Boys 1989-1993. Nick Carter
Label: Jive (2002)

Nick Carter CD
Backstreet Boys

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A music fan's Opinion

If there is a member from a boy band that actually has the talent to pull a "solo" album off it would be Nick Carter. The first single entitled "Help Me" is fresh, and actually different than most of the stuff out there now. If you're actually looking for good music and not the manufactured stuff they call have out today buy this single or buy the album "Now or Never".

Before he was one of the biggest teen pop star pin-ups on the planet, before the Backstreet Boys sold a zillion records, and before being named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People In The World," Nick Carter was a very talented kid with a dream. Nick Carter: BEFORE The Backstreet Boys 1989-1993 gathers ALL of Carter's early efforts, the recordings that eventually helped him land a gig in one of the world's top singing groups.

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