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Ashlee Simpson biography

Ashlee Simpson biography Name : Ashlee Simpson
Birthday: October 3, 1984
Astrology Star Sign: Libra
Birth Place: Waco, Texas, USA
Lives in: Los Angeles
Birth Name: Ashlee Nicole Simpson
Education : School of American Ballet
Height: 5'7
Eyes: Green
Siblings : Sister of pop singer Jessica Simpson

Ashlee Simpson was born on October 3, 1984 in Waco, Texas. Ashlee started dancing at the age of 4. Her interests in dancing and acting were evident right from the very early age.

Stoking the gossip-fueled flames is track three, "Shadow". On it, 19-year-old Ashlee spills her childhood resentment over her sister's attention-gulping career, ending up on a conciliatory note that has the surprising effect of making the Simpson divas' drama seem believable ("Everything's cool now and the past is in the past," she sings). But serious music fans ought not to dilly-dally with the celeb stuff and dive right in, because this disc dishes up more than a lot of us bargained for. "LaLa" revs up the unsuspecting by way of out-and-out lustiness, "Love for Me" lays on the lovelorn angst thick, and the title track is a take-no-prisoners, love-me-or-leave-me rock anthem. Rippling throughout are cunningly malleable vocals, bending here for a kittenish Gwen Stefani effect, stretching there to sound Christina Aguilera-cathartic. Sweeter moments call to mind the indie sensibilities of Jill Sobule. More than others of her reality-show insta-star ilk, Ashlee Simpson's is an autobiography that shouts, "bring on the sequel."

Tammy La Gorce

Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography (Paperback)
by Ashlee Simpson

Lots of people might think that this is a book about Ashlee Simpson, but it's not. It's actually a piano/vocal/guitar book of "Autobiography". It includes piano notes for all twelve of the songs on Ashlee's debut album. It includes all lyrics, too. If you know how to play the piano or guitar, and like Ashlee Simpson's "Autobiography", you should buy this so you'd be able to rock on with Ashlee. Any Ashlee fan who can play piano or guitar should get this. The lyrics are included too! Here are all the songs in this book:
1) Autobiography
2) Pieces of Me
3) Shadow
4) LaLa
5) Love Makes the World Go Round
6) Better Off
7) Love Me For Me
8) Surrender
9) Unreachable
10) Nothing New
11) Giving It All Away
12) Undiscovered

I really like this item. If you haven't heard "Autobiography", I suggest you listen to it before buying this.

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography

Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography (Paperback)
Buy this book (October 1, 2004)
Ashlee Simpson
- Pieces of Me

Ashlee Simpson - Pieces of Me
Buy this CD (August 31, 2004)

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