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Boogiepop Phantom - Boxed Set (Evolutions 1-4) DVDBoogiepop Phantom - Boxed Set DVD
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If you didn't like 'Serial Experiments Lain', I asume you'd back off reading I will compare these two. However, Boogiepop Phantom ("Boogiepop wa warawanai" in it's original japanese release) is so much more and in many ways also very different. The likeness to Lain inherits from the choice of subject which is pretty mature (even though Lain wasn't based on written short stories like BP) and the *tone* and feel of the series. Boogiepop makes you think. You _will_ watch the first four episodes over and over again. You simply have to till you get the connections between them. In short, all 12 eps take place at the same time, but you as the viewer take part of these events as seen from different angles.(Editorial Reviews)
Princess Mononoke (1999) DVDPrincess Mononoke DVD
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The American version seem to be a "dumbed down" version. Example dialogue - American version: Is this soup or donkey piss? Japanese version: This soup tastes like hot water. Arrrgh!! Talk about taking liberties in translation. I won't go further into the details, rent/buy the DVD and see for yourself. The voice actors in the dubbed version just don't have the depth and range of the Japanese voice actors. The plot follows a general man vs. nature plot that Miyazaki is fond of portraying in his movies. For an animated movie that doesn't have dancing/singing/cutesy animals(quite the opposite!^_^) and a wonderful story, watch Mononoke Hime! (Editorial Reviews)
Destroy All Monsters DVDDestroy All Monsters DVD
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It's a mega monster mash!!! All of your favorite Toho monsters return to fight off alien invaders in what is widely considered to be one of the best Godzilla movies of all time. Godzilla attacks New York, Rodan; Moscow, Mothra; Bejing, Paris; Gorosaurus(Though in thi film it is blamed on Baragon. Bad dubbing?), and Manda; London. Then they converge to stomp Tokyo, and Baragon, Kumonga, Varan and Minya join in the fun. Then they fight Gidorah. With a fast pace and almost nonstop action, Destroy All Monsters has only one competidior, and that film is Godzilla Vs. King Gidorah. (Editorial Reviews)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVDMonty Python and the Holy Grail - Special Edition (1975)
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One of the most beloved comedies of all time (and arguably the most quoted), "Holy Grail" is nothing short of a masterpiece. Clocking in just under 90 minutes, it makes for one of the tightest and most enjoyable spoofs you'll ever see. It is a collection of exuberant, ludicrous vignettes that have themselves become as recognizable and venerable as the events they ostensibly depicted. While it's relatively tamer than "Monty Python's Life of Brian" and "The Meaning of Life" (both great comedies in their own right), I consider "Holy Grail" the crowning achievement (pun intended) of Graham, Eric, Terry, Terry, Mike and John. Think back and remember the first time you saw the 'Black Knight' scene. Tell me you didn't end up describing it to all your friends the next day. ("...and the King cuts off his LEGS and the Knight is still fighting! Blood's pouring out of his bloody stumps and he's hopping around kicking King Arthur!!") (Editorial Reviews)

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