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Aly & AJ lyrics no one

Into the Rush

Aly & AJ
Into the Rush: Aly & AJ More Info | Buy Audio CD 2005

Album Description

The energy and spirit the sisters Aly & AJ's bring to their music colors the entire album Into The Rush. Aly and AJ worked with a variety of producers on Into The Rush including some of the music industry's biggest. "We've learned a lot from all of them," says Aly of the producers. "Some things we like...some things we don't like. It's all a part of the process. It's important that we have our own voice and that our emotions are a part of all of our music. This is why we're working with different producers, so that we can experience different ideas."

Their first single may have been the classic cover "Do You Believe In Magic," but the sisters have written all of the songs on this. And though they may be young teens, when it comes to writing songs, they aim high. "We want our songs to be fun, but we also want to write about deeper issues that make people think and issues that we can all relate to in one way or another," says AJ.

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Album: Into the Rush: Aly & AJ

1. Rush
2. No One
3. Collapsed
4. Something More
5. On The Ride
6. Speak For Myself
7. Out Of The Blue
8. In A Second
9. I Am One Of Them
10. Sticks And Stones
11. Proctecting Me
12. Slow Down
13. Do You Believe In Magic
14. Walking On Sunshine

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