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Remember the Titans (Standard Edition) (2000) DVDRemember the Titans (Standard Edition) (2000) DVD
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This movie is a beutiful display of not only football but of life and how you need to over come obstickles, in this case Coach Boone(denzel washington) had a big one. However it the end lead by captain Gary berteir and his new maid best freind Julius end up having the perfect season and win the stae champsion. But in the end gary dies and the his whole high school football team was there. So where your in a tough time just "Remember the Titans". (Customer Review)
Do The Right Thing - Criterion Collection (1989) DVDDo The Right Thing DVD
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Do The Right Thing - Criterion Collection (1989) Spike Lee takes us to a single block in Brooklyn on the hottest day of the year in his awesomely brilliant movie "Do The Right Thing". The movie opens on a sultry early morning; by the time it ends, on a sweltering midnight of the same day, the heat, and the movie, have built up unbearable tensions that explode in in a confrontation that engulfs the street and everyone in it. At the heart of the block and the movie is Sal's Famous Pizzeria, run by Sal and his two sons from Bensonhurst..(Spotlight Review)
The Watermelon Woman (1997) DVDThe Watermelon Woman DVD
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The best films inform and enlighten as well as entertain. Cheryl Dunye's debut feature, WATERMELON WOMAN does just that. It takes the viewer on a fascinating journey into one black woman's life as she searches for a lesbian role model. She finds her in the form of a mysterious figure known only as the "Watermelon Woman." Utilizing a light-hearted, documentary style approach, Dunye (who also stars in the film) has crafted an intelligent and entertaining film that will resonate with many viewers, irrespective of one's sexual orientation. (Customer Review)
The Wiz (1978) DVDThe Wiz (1978)
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The Wiz DVD : Oh my god, where do I start? This film is the most memorable film of my life. I had the pleasure of seeing the broadway version when I was 4-yrs old. Then going to see it on the movie screen when it first came out. And of course seeing it about 2,000 times on T.V. and VCR. What makes this movie so special to me is because I live in New York where it was filmed at. Believe it or not, the part where Dorothy(Diana Ross) lands in munchkin-land is about 2 blocks from where I live . It's called Flushing Meadow Park in Queens,NY. Just seeing that gives me goosebumps, knowing that I actually visit that same place every chance I get. For ex. that elevator where "Miss-One" came down from is just..(Spotlight Review)

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