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50 Cent Power Of The Dollar lyrics

Power Of The Dollar Audio CD (September 12, 2000) Buy now Audio CD (September 12, 2000)
Look, I'm not here because I'm some blindless 50 Cent follower who thinks whatever he realeases is automatically off the hook. I'm here because I want others to know that Power of the Dollar truly is one of the best albums of all time. To be completely honest with you, I heard Get Rich or Die Tryin' before I heard this, I can easily say that this one is about 10 times better. It's a shame 50 wasn't able to release this because it is excellent in so many ways. First and foremost, 50's lyrical content in this album surpasses anything that I've ever heard from him. For the first 20 minutes I was actually trying to figure out if it was actually 50 who was rapping. His lyrics are deeper and you can tell it just wasn't something that he threw together just to hurry up and make the album. In each song, 50 shows unique delivery, revealing that he's no amateur at this.

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Title: Power Of The Dollar
Audio CD : Power Of The Dollar

"Power Of The Dollar"

Ya'll niggas wanna get high, well we gonna get high then
This shit right here is drugs, ya'll for sell baby
50 Cent uh, take it how you wanna take it nigga

[Verse 1]
Yo aiyyo, aiyyo, there is six different wings in the spot, choose one
Some get addicted, some do it for fun
Boy my hoes are clean, just like my guns
And I keep them in a safe place, just like my funds
I keep all my big bills, give my wifey the ones
Frontin' and I'll clap your ass and leave you for dead son
Niggas who know me, know how I get down, I'm fresh out the pound
NYPD crit the flip, get on some New York undercover shit
Fuck wit dogs you ain't familiar wit, and get bit
Niggas scripted through the hit, for some paper and shit
It's all about the cash, keep it in a stash
Some niggas talk shit wit they ass, I see through them like glass
Popo lookin' for me, for some shit I did in the past
If you don't like me at first, I'm gonna grow on you like a rash
This rap shit, I got it in smash, I'm built to last
Feel the wrath, I bust that ass, sit back and laugh (haha)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
You don't have to respect a nigga, but respect his cash
Cause for the money, niggas will murder that ass
I came up fast, I watched a lot of gats blast
The power of the dollar (the cash, the cash)

[Verse 2]
Nigga don't you ever forget, I call the shots
I run the spots, extort your pops, flossin' drops
I'm "Livin Off Xperience" like Lox, I'm hot
Check what I got, shorty got knocked
Comin' up out the capsule spot
On the uptown block, he couldn't run from the cops
So my man got shot
In a jet black Brasada, across the street from his mom's crib on his block
I told him get them niggas that cash, they murdered that ass
Niggas told 'em slow down, he was movin' too fast
Heard the shot, went through his face after the glass, he crashed
Hit the three on his niggas grass, the cattle said it got low fast
The kid who had it done was a crude fella
Who woulda thought he wile out over that mozzarella
We ain't know them, but now we know better
Not to fuck with his cheddar, his man pack a beretta
He won't hesitate to squeeze that, over that green back
Believe that, now niggas know that he's back


[Verse 3]
I ain't got a worry in the world, if it's beef, don't sing it, bring it
Parents warn their kids, about people like me
I'm out of order, I turn your only daughter, into a transporter
Before I die, I'm gonna see more blow than Rich Porter (woo)
50 Cent, don't get it fucked up for greens, I for greens
Let it go back to Smith, I dissect it
I check and correct it, flow perfected
I make shit hectic, I wreck shit, nigga check it
If you ain't tryin' to feel the flames from the blast
Respect a nigga cash
My smile will rock niggas to sleep, pack heat
Fuck the police, handle beef on the street
On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm a 9 with 2 MM's
If your man want to get involved, I'll bring it to him
Niggas been wantin' me dead, I'm still here kid
They send their dogs to come get me
They wet shit, but they ain't hit me
Word in the hood is 50, shifty
Niggas they don't want to go against me
Cause they know I hunt your ass alive


50 Cent Power Of The Dollar lyrics

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